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PCG Business Center helps investors, property owners, and people like you make a profit on their invested capitals in a totally safe environment created through an accurate system of real estate guaranties.

Over the last few years Costa Rica has emerged as one of the most attractive and the safest destination for foreign investment and this is not by chance. The tax laws and financial security issues are governed by a consistent and pro-US and pro-E.U. stance taken up by the financial institutions and the Costa Rican government itself.

International media is once again highlighting Costa Rica's growing real estate and commercial activities markets as the ideal markets for investments. The Central Bank has reported that Costa Rica has seen 2014 quarterly increases in real estate and commercial investment that is the highest since the year 2000 and recently International Living Magazine ranked Costa Rica as one of the best investment locations in the world.

PCG is offering a wide range of opportunities as investments in Costa Rica with a net return on investment currently standing around 10% - 14% per year secured by a real estate guarantee with a 'loan to value' beetween 35% to 50%.

  • investement
  • Land Development & Residential Projects

  • Invest your funds in both short or medium term real estate projects and generate a return on your investment. Everything made safe by the best legal contract that PCG attorneys will provide to you.
  • Tourism-
  • Tourism & Commercial Activities

  • Start generating profit with your own commercial activities wheter it's a brand new one or an existing one that PCG recommends to you.
  • loans
  • Private Loans

  • Smaller amounts of money invested in short or medium term projects might be your starting point to come and invest in Costa Rica.
    PCG quickly sets up the process for you. 

20 years of experience dealing with the real investments opportunities available in Costa Rica.


Since PCG Business Center was founded, we have been chosen as preferred partner by hundreds of investors, both foreigner and local. Investors trust has been rewarded by high performance results. This brought more and more investors to trust and rely on with PCG business advice

  • positioning


  • PCG has developed a top level of connections with Banks, Municipalities, and all other public institutions you might need to contact to invest or set up a business in Costa Rica.

  • penetration


  • Based on 15 years of operations in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica the result is to have a high level of market penetration. PCG knows where the real investment opportunity is, which will be the next profitable business and when is the exact time to invest.

  • diversification


  • "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket!" PCG created a portfolio of opportunities in order to reduce the risk of your investment.

  • location


  • PCG advises you on available investments according to your budget in the best location possible.

Find out how to start the investment process with the support of PROSPERITY®

The 'PCG group' company provides escrow agent services as well as development projects and real estate offices. Also, the company is authorized to act as trustee for transactions among individuals or entities that may require it.


Our History

  • 2014/2015 - Social House development (residential project)
    PCG participated recently starting in a social housing project development which is a model example in Costa Rica, providing 210 homes for families in the Central Pacific area. This project is financed by private investors’ funds. The project will deliver the houses to the government that will distribute them among the families. PCG takes care of all the relationships between investors and government and the whole process up to the payment by the public institution to the investors. This is a secure way for the investors to receive a high return on their invested funds.
  • 2013 - Jacò Centro de Servicio (commercial activity project)
    A new challenging project has been taken on! The new and complete car service center, gas station and convenience store positioned on the main entrance road of Jacó. Developed entirely by PCG, the "Jacó Centro de Servicio" is already a business success. PCG partners are already making profit from this project. Investors that trusted PCG once again are receiving a high rate return on their investment. With this successful business model, more service centers might be set up across the country!
  • 2012/2014 - Residential Colinas de agua (real estate opportunity)
    Colinas de Agua is the best project in Herradura Beach (Central Pacific area) with the most affordable prices. The project is located next to the most successful canopy tour in the area, Canopy Vista Los Sueños, where waterfalls, horseback riding tours, butterfly farm, long zip lines  and much more make a great experience over and over again for their visitors. This is a great opportunity for investment, for building your home on a quiet area surrounded by beautiful nature and within 5 minutes to Herradura Beach well known as an exclusive area that holds the most impressive developments in the area of Garabito, “Los Sueños Marina & Golf Course Resort”, also is the favorite beach for all Stand Up Paddleboard lovers and considerate as a top sport fishing destination.
  • 2010 - Canopy Vista los Suenos (tourism project)
    Impressive profit results have been attained by the investors who believed in PCG Business Center and its projects. Canopy Vista los Suenos has been voted as the best zip-line tour in the central pacific area of Costa Rica. Every year thousands of tourists from all around the world visit and enjoy this amazing attraction.