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Plans For Costa Rica’s New International Airport Moving Forward

New airport planned in operation by 2025 will be located in Orotina, some 40 kilometres west from the current San José airport.

If all goes according to plan, the San Joséinternational airportwill be located in Orotina, some 40 kilometres west of the currentinternational airport.

The planning for the new airport is expected to begin next year. Costa Rica’s Civil Aviation (the Dirección General de Aviación Civil) informs that the hiring of the expert will be in early 2014 and be responsible for proposing the most viable land for the newinternational airport

Aviation’s director, Alvaro Vargas, explained there are three potential sites in Orotina. The hired expert will be resonsible for recommending the best site.

The initial plan for the new airport is for two runways and twice the number of gates of th current.The planalso includes train transportation to and fromthe airportand San José

The Juan Santamaríainternational airport, named after Costa Rica’s national hero, Juan Santamaría, replaced the previous one in downtown San Jose where Parque La Sabana is located today.

No major changes were made to the terminal until November 1997 whenthe governmentissued a decree requesting participation of private companies to manage the operations ofthe airport.

After a few years of legal challenges and contract negotiations Alterra Partners was given a 20 year concession and started managing the facilities in May 2001.  It was also expected thatthe companywould finish the necessary expansion and construction of new facilities, however in March 2002 Alterra announced it would cease any further construction due to disagreements over financing and airport use fee billing withthe government.

The dispute was extended for a few years and problems started at the terminal; in 2005 the International Civil Aviation Organization pointed out thatthe airportdid not comply with safety regulations.

In July 2009 Alterra yielded the contract to a consortium composed of Houston-based Canadian-American company ADC & HAS and the Brazilian company, Andrade Gutierrez Concessores (AGC) – subsidiary of the conglomerate Andrade Gutierrez. In December 2009 Alterra Partners changed its name to AERIS Holdings, S.A. In November 2010 Aeris announced it had finished the expansion and construction of new facilities with the installation of the 9th boarding bridge.

Juan Santamaria International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Costa Rica, having experienced a constant increase in traffic since its opening in 1958, boosted bythe growingflow of tourists.The airportreached the million passengerfor the first timein 1991, and it has been serving more than four million passengers yearly since 2007.