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New airport planned in operation by 2025 will be located in Orotina, some 40 kilometres west from the current San José airport.

If all goes according to plan, the San Joséinternational airportwill be located in Orotina, some 40 kilometres west of the currentinternational airport.

The planning for the new airport is expected to begin next year. Costa Rica’s Civil Aviation (the Dirección General de Aviación Civil) informs that the hiring of the expert will be in early 2014 and be responsible for proposing the most viable land for the newinternational airport

Knowing when an area is going to move from low demand to high demand is key to smart real estate investing. One of the best investment indicators is new infrastructure, especially new airports which open international access to underdeveloped regions of exceptional value.

During Costa Rica's first boom, the Liberia airport in the northern region was upgraded to receive international flights. Real estate sales in Guanacaste exploded, high-end resorts and developments flourished, including flag ship developments like the Papagayo Four Seasons hotel. New highways were added and old ones reworked -- tourism and demand soared. International flights started arriving in Liberia in 2002 and while that investment wave has subsided, the Gold Coast is still one of Costa Rica's best investment bets.

Miniciudad de playa y dos mega proyectos de uso mixto llegarán a Puntarenas a partir del 2014

Cantón Central y Garabito recibirán inversiones por más de $211 millones en los próximos 15 años

Tres megaproyectos inmobiliarios desarrollados por empresas costarricenses pretenden cambiarle la cara a la por muchos años relegada provincia de Puntarenas, específicamente en los cantones Central y Garabito.

Estos, junto a otras seis obras privadas de menor tamaño, representarán inversiones superiores a los $211 millones y el uso de más de 164 hectáreas de terreno en los próximos 15 años.

La cifra de dinero indicada no incluye el dato del plan más ambicioso de todos: Místico, una miniciudad de playa ubicada dentro de un terreno de 110 hectáreas en Playa Hermosa, Garabito.

Costa Rica is the most sought after Latin American investment destination today. The reasons are numerous. While Costa Rica has the most literate and disciplines workforce in the region, the government is helping the cause by installing the most modern infrastructure to invite hi tech companies to take the first step in investing in Costa Rica. Breaking the traditional mould of the Costa Rican economy that depended on coffee, bananas and cattle has not been easy but the government is slowly but steadily transforming the economy to a microprocessor and telecommunication based one.