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    PCG Business Center proposes the best investment options available in Costa Rica.
    High PROFIT rates, 100% guaranteed
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    First class support to fulfill the needs of your business, property and investment.
    Investing made SAFE
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    Investments, Services, Real Estate, Tourism, Commercial Activities
    Less Risk and more Profit.







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  • Why Costa Rica
    Costa Rica is the most sought after Latin American investment destination today.[...]

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  • New International Airport
    If all goes according to plan, the San José international airport will be located in Orotina.[...]

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  • Real Estate
    PCG offers the possibility to make a profit from the purchase and the sale of the property.[...]

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  • Investment Opportunities
    Over the last few years Costa Rica has emerged as the most attractive and safest destination for foreign investment.[...]

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  • Support Services
    After economic crisis, prices are lower than average in Costa Rica.[...]

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  • Canopy
    The Vista Los Suenos Canopy is a very contemporary tour; it was designed by Costa Rican guides.[...]

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PCG Features

Build a Profitable and Durable partnership with PCG Business Center.

  • Market Penetration

    "It's always about knowing the key factor of a business!" After 15 years of operating in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica, PCG knows where the "real" investment opportunities are, which one it will be the next profitable business and when it is the exact time to invest.
  • Positioning

    "Being in an advantageus position!" PCG Business Center has developed a top level of connections with Banks, Municipalities, Organizations, Companies, and all other public institutions in Costa Rica that you might need to contact for investing or to set up a business in this region.
  • Location

    "Location…Location…Location!" PCG advices according to your budget in the best location possible.
  • Diversification

    "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket!" PCG has created a portfolio of opportunities in order to reduce the risk of your investment.
  • Professionals

    "best advice, best support!" PCG is a team with strong skills among the areas of support you might need (Attorneys at Law, Financial Advisors, Real Estate advisors, etc.
Contact PCG Business Center and figure out “how to” participate in a Successful Investment Project. Check available Opportunities


Business Opportunity

Costa Rica rated 2nd in tourism in the Caribbean and Latin America - Costa Rica ranked in top 10 fastest growing tourism markets - Huge inward investment from major multinationals, with many headquarters being set up here - Highly educated workforce with 96% literacy rates, one of the highest in the world - Support from the Government to preserve the remaining nature reserves - Stable and peaceful government - Facility to purchase through a company to minimize Costa Rican tax exposure and facilitate easy resale - Major tourist investment dollars being spent - Two international airports - Land registered in your name with the Land Registry - Excellent infrastructure


Costa Rica

Costa Rica ranked the safest country in Latin America - Surrounded by extensively diverse flora and fauna - Many small islands and romantic beaches in sheltered bays - Dry and warm climate of 24-30 degrees Centigrade year round. Best Climate in the world according to NASA analysis result. - World class health care at a fraction of the cost of many other countries worldwide. A country where people retiring that just enjoy life, where tourists come to have a second house as investment or just a vacation home for them. Where expatriates professionals can feel like to be in a second home. Where the local middle class is growing every day more.


Jaco Beach

Playa Jaco is the closest beach town to San José, the Central Valley and is one of the most visited coastal destinations in Costa Rica. The beach is a 2.5 mile (4 km) strip which offers top level surfing and much more other attractions. Much like Costa Rica's metropolitan areas, Jaco's offers most services, such as a post office, health center and branches of major banks. Furthermore, there is an abundance of shops, hotels and restaurants that are affordable for the budget travelers as well as those wishing to live a bit more luxuriously.



Costa Rica’s varied ecosystems are a naturalist’s dream, ranging from mangrove swamps, tropical rainforests to mountains and coastal beaches. Unlike many destinations, where man has driven the animals into the deepest seclusion, Costa Rica’s wildlife is abundant. Animals and birds are prolific and in many cases relatively easy to spot. See monkeys swinging about the branches, sloths lounging in the crooks of trees, brightly colored tree frogs, tapirs and jaguars mingling along with the other exotic creatures in their natural habitat. Bird watching is spectacular with more than twice the number of bird species than in the whole of the United States. Perched above you are scarlet macaws, toucans, humming birds, parrots and quetzal. Costa Rica is home to the giant morpho butterfly and contains more butterfly species than the whole continent of Africa.

Our Clients/Partners

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